Uniting the local cycling community with Jesús

Jesús Velasco is a true ambassador for cycling – it changed his life when he discovered BMX as a kid. He graduated to road cycling soon after. Over the years his cycling interests have evolved, and these days his main focus is on road and gravel riding. While the type of bikes he rides may have changed, the things he loves about riding haven’t. For Jesus, cycling encapsulates some important personal values – challenge, discipline, friendship…and that’s not to mention how much he loves to get out and explore with fresh air in his lungs.

 “I feel fortunate to be able to enjoy cycling and the culture of the sport.” 

Based in Cordoba, Jesus describes himself as an adventurous spirit, a trait supported by his cycling habit. He says, “The sensation of discovering somewhere new is unbeatable,” which explains why his bike has taken him on journeys far and wide, including Belgium, the Netherlands, and Italy, where he did a classic ride over the Dolomites peaks. He says this is one of his favorite komoot Tours thanks to the spectacular setting.

Closer to home he’s ridden plenty of awesome gravel routes near Cordoba, including a scenic loop in the Sierra Morena region. The route primarily sticks to well-maintained farm tracks, winding through open planes of farmland and sections of oak and cork trees. It’s full of refreshing views and crisp clean air. 

Another one of Jesus’ favorite spots near Cordoba includes the Sierra de los Puntales, a local Highlight he recommends. Reached by an easy-enough climb, the views speak for themselves – a lake surrounded by cultivated hillsides. 

The community spirit of cycling is as important to Jesus as the riding itself, but as he points out, it is sometimes difficult to connect with like-minded riders with a head for adventure. That explains why he does his fair share of solo riding:

…Sometimes it is difficult to find riders with the same adventurous spirit. First I discover new routes alone and then I invite friends to share the beautiful places I’ve found.

However, he’s hoping this will change. One of his cycling plans for the coming year is to start giving more visibility to the Cordoba cycling community and bringing dispersed cyclists together, starting on komoot. As Jesus points out, “Komoot isn’t competitive, it’s great for planning rides, organizing planned routes, and recommending local Highlights.” Sounds like a good place to connect local cyclists and plan ride-outs together.

You can follow Jesus on komoot here.