Understanding How Your Komoot Achievements Motivate Others

Creating your own Highlights allows you to point out nature’s hidden hideaways for everyone else. Inspire other komoot lovers to experience more trails, singletracks, and other natural adventures with your expert knowledge of the great outdoors. Keep reading to discover how your achievements influence and motivate fellow komoot fans.

stats-1-highlights    “Visited Highlights”

At komoot we believe every outdoor journey should be an adventure. Visited Highlights are just what they sound like: Highlights created by yourself and others that you’ve explored. The more Highlights you visit, the more you enrich the komoot community by adding others’ creations to your Tours, which gives you an opportunity to leave feedback (in the form of tips and votes) on whether or not a Highlight is any good.

stats-2-photos    “Highlight Photos”

Seeing is believing, right? Highlight photos are essential for sharing how breathtaking or interesting a Highlight really is with the community. Add quality photos to each and every Highlight you create to ensure details like a stunning view over a valley, or the crystal clear waters of an amazing lake are not missed. Doing so will encourage others to experience it for themselves. Don’t forget: adding photos to your Highlights is essential for sharing your expertise with fellow komoot enthusiasts!

stats-3-tips    “Created Tips”

This is what you might call a rhetorical question: would you recommend a restaurant, or new shop to a friend without giving them that one bit of crucial information that might make the visit better than average? Don’t bother answering that one outloud. Adding tips to your Highlights and others’ ensures that the essential information that only an expert like yourself could provide is useful for other folks. While you don’t need to write a novel, tips that aren’t too short to too long are generally most helpful for the community.

stats-5-inspired    “People You Inspired”

Your inspiration and your influence. That’s one of the most exciting aspects of creating Highlights! That’s why we thought we’d give you a little insight on the behind-the-scenes info that goes into determining how you inspire the rest of the komoot community.

How Your Inspiration Impact Is Determined:

  • When someone plans a Tour with a Highlight you contributed to
  • When someone else adds or visits a Highlight you contributed to
  • When someone bookmarks a Highlight you contributed to

Now that you know how important Highlights you create are for enriching the community, the key lies in creating spectacular Highlights that inspire others to grab their gear and go!

Create Your Own Stand-Out Highlights Now:

  • Highlight only the best, most interesting places along your Tour
  • Add descriptive photos to capture your Highlight’s beauty
  • Write an insightful tip to share your inspiration with others

Perfect Your Highlights Now