Tours suggestions that start on your doorstep

Komoot has over 12 million outdoor-lovers walking, running, and riding great routes every day. That’s a lot of shared expertise, and there’s an easy way to tap into it.

Let komoot suggest popular routes for you

At the tap of a button, the komoot algorithm sifts through millions of awesome Tours and delivers a list of great routes starting at your current location. The Tour list is ordered so you get the best quality suggestions first.

How to use komoot’s Tour recommendations

You’ll find komoot’s Tour suggestions in the Tour search at the top of your Discovery feed. Choose your sport and filter it by duration or difficulty level. Traveling on public transport? You can even order the results to show those that start at a bus or train station. Then watch the Tour list load up with routes starting right where you are.

Once you’ve selected a Tour, you’ll see the usual helpful details like surface types en route and the elevation profile. Based on that information you can set about adjusting the route just like any other – you can even reroute on the go if you change your mind mid-ride, hike, or run.

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