So Fresh, So Clean: A New Take on Our Apps

It’s been even busier than usual at komoot HQ in the last few weeks. While some of us were bringing the new tour planner to life, in other part of the office the Android and iPhone apps received all the finishing touches to get them ready for release into the wild.

And, drumroll please, here they are. With a fresher and cleaner look. With more features than ever. So alike, they could be twins. We are more than proud of our babies, and it’s fascinating to see them grow.

So what’s in it for you?

  • New Design: We redesigned the complete app. Light, crisp, top-notch, functional – plus Android and iPhone are now exactly identical, while using the advantages of each platform.
  • Faster Tours: Your Tours are now calculated ten times faster!
  • Automatic Replanning: If you leave your planned Tour, we’ll recalculate from your current location, keeping your original Tour in mind. Of course you can turn this off, if you prefer to find the original tour yourself or don’t want to be connected to the internet all the time.

Don’t have it yet? Hurry! Download the latest version for iPhone and Android now.

Creating a New Look and Feel

What you can now download with one tap took months, a whole team and lots of love to put together. Here’s what Ana and Arne think about the result:

Ana, Mobile Designer:

“Creating a new look and feel for our product was a super challenging but also rewarding project. We now have the same look and feel on all our platforms, which makes using the product much easier.”

Arne, Android Developer:

“Our new design makes complex functionalities easy to understand and use. The app now features top-notch android design and technology, which makes me really proud.”

Did you update to the new version yet? Try out the new look and features now!

Download New iPhone Version

Download New Android Version