Self-exploration & challenging summits with Nico

An exploration of new worlds within himself is what Nico is looking for when heading out into nature. He calls himself a “dreamer and adventurer” and doesn’t care about the means by which he goes exploring.

“I don’t have a favorite way to explore nature. Running, hiking, Alpinism or cycling is the same for me. What matters to me is the approach.“

And by that, he is talking about his attitude to each challenge and the mindset he brings to exploring.

“I think that the biggest challenge is discovering yourself. Trying to improve day by day. Remaining open to the multiple influences and inspirations that keep our experience authentic.”

Living in the village of Viazzano in the province of Parma, right in the Appennino Emiliano, Nico sees all of his adventures not as single instances, but as a way of learning and of life.

“My micro-adventures feed on each other by shaping my being. They are not a list of successes or failures, but rather small parts of the whole that make up the totality of my experience.”

Some of his komoot Highlights reveal his desire to share this way of life with others, particularly one at the heart of trail park designed to connect like-minded people. 

Pietra Corva is a rock spur that you can even see from a plane. From the top you can enjoy an amazing landscape and it’s easy to reach. In addition, it’s the center of #MariaLongaTrailPark (a project I devised in 2018) that connects lots of athletes on our hills.”

In true Nico style, his favorite Tour involves a stiff climb – the perfect way to challenge yourself physically and mentally.

L’anello delle Valli di Sant’Antonio” is a circuit that connects two Sant’Antonio valleys, in Alta Valle Camonica. To be more precise, it connects the Val Brandet and the Valle of Camovecchio, via the Sentiero 4 Luglio (Fourth of July trail). This route takes you into an area I like to describe as a “micro wilderness”. I really recommend it because it offers the opportunity to explore a lesser-known area with lots of fascinating things to see. But be careful, the tour covers some difficult trails at a high altitude so you need to be prepared regarding fitness and gear. I highly recommend checking the weather forecast before you start, as there’s no quick exit route from the summit.

Physically tough Tours provide a unique opportunity to develop as a person. But even without the physical element, being out in nature is good for the soul. 

“I think to explore nature means to explore yourself. You come back to your origins. This is what brings me out every day to go hiking or cycling.”

His interest in delving into his own inner thoughts and feelings explain why he prefers being alone during his explorations.

“I love both the experience of exploring solo and in a group –  but alone you can enter another dimension.”

Though Nico enjoys his own company when exploring, he also ventures out with like-minded cyclists and has enjoyed some great Tours with friends.

“This year my training partner, Marco Cimaroli and I went for a one-day tour on the Adamello n1 trail. Breathtaking landscapes and the lack of other people gave us a tour with a magic taste. The tour was 28 miles (45 kilometers) and 11 400 feet (3500 meters) of altitude.”

And while he often hits the trail alone, he would never head out without komoot.

“I like everything about komoot. Anyone looking for a way to plan their tours will find the perfect partner in komoot.”

For komoot newbies, Nico recommends not blindly following the route from A to B. Instead have a closer look at what is in store before you head out.

“Always check the route that you would like to do before you start. This will ensure you are mentally prepared and have a great experience.”

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