Say Hello to Off-Grid Planning and Navigation

image credit Chris McClean

Because sometimes, the best adventures start when you leave the beaten path behind, we’ve introduced off-grid planning and navigation capabilites, so you can plan and navigate every adventure with komoot. All you’ve got to do is be brave enough to go off-grid.

Plan everywhere, go anywhere: With komoot’s brand-new off-grid planning and navigation, you can drop a waypoint anywhere on the map—and be guided there with komoot’s turn-by-turn voice navigation and offline maps. Simply add a waypoint to your route in the planner and choose to ignore komoot’s automatic routing along the network of known ways. Komoot will then draw a straight line to that individual waypoint and each one after it, until you decide to revert back to komoot’s automatic routing along known paths, roads or streets.

Plan Individual Sections or Entire Routes

Know that a river is crossable at a certain bend? Know a more exciting way to the top of a mountain? Whatever your reason for wanting to leave the beaten path behind, komoot has your back. You can choose to plot your entire route off-grid, or plan individual sections as your Tour demands. Simply tell komoot to ignore the usual ways between two plotted waypoints, and click to re-enable automatic routing when you want to get back on known track.

See All Need-to-Know Info

Even though your off-grid route might be new territory for komoot, based on the topography of your segment and your chosen sport type, komoot can still deliver the details that you rely on for a great experience exploring the outdoors. Komoot will accurately display everything from the time this section will take you and the elevation you’ll have to conquer, to the total length of your off-grid adventure.

Be Guided Off-Grid—Wherever You Go

To keep your adventure on track even when you’ve got other plans, komoot’s voice navigation and offline maps will work just as reliably for off-grid segments. All you have to do is download the offline map for that region before you head out. Komoot will then verbally alert you when your off-grid section is coming up and keep you on track when you veer away from the planned Tour. A handy compass will allow you to keep constant track of your direction while you move—and ensure you get back on-grid right where you planned to.


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  1. Hope says:

    Has anyone found a solution on how to save off-grid sections such to integrate them in future tours.
    I save the off-grid as a Highlight Sections, but the Tour Planner does not allow me to integrate these in a new tour.
    I have some off-grid short cuts I like a lot and it drives me crazy that I have to “draw” them from scratch every time I plan a trail in their area.
    Help !

  2. Marius Moldovan says:

    I’m trying to import an off-grid track for navigation
    But in the final step komoot is using street network which is close to my off-grid track… and I do not want that. It auto-simplify track without asking me if I want to keep the track off-grid
    How can I import a .gpx with only off-grid for navigation ?

    1. Bob says:

      @MARIUS MOLDOVAN, have you found a way to do it? I find it utterly frustrating, if I leave the planned track, komoot will often try to reroute and make silly choices

  3. lois says:

    NIIIICE, this feature is incredible! There have been times when other navigation maps sent me on +20km detours. With this I can overcome unnecessary routes and have a clear plan of the ride ahead.

  4. Rene says:

    Great feature added at last. Thank you.

    Now make it avaiable in the import-functio, so ridding MTB tracks still just gets imported and not corrected

  5. Travis says:

    I think this should be a nighttime feature. That way you can see the map at night. Then it will not hurt anyone tries. And maybe even up to now for sale light feature. She can see the buildings whoever out. What do you guys think about that?

  6. Robert irvine says:

    Keep it up .Stay ahead of the pack.

  7. Jose Rodriguez says:

    Como. Realizarlo

  8. Gregor says:

    How will these Parts be handled by GPS units such as GARMIN via the komoot IQ App?

    1. Fiola Foley says:

      Hi Gregor, the route will be synced or transferred to the Garmin device as a file from komoot.

  9. Al says:

    Now you are almost perfect. Keep improving like this and all the other apps might as well give up!

  10. ssispra says:

    Good job Komoot.
    Keep on surprising us

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