Responsible Outdoor Experiences

We all know how important it is to limit our social interactions right now. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t go outside. In fact, official advice encourages us to stay active and get fresh air right now. This not only keeps us physically healthy and strengthens our immune systems – it helps us cope with the additional stress many of us feel right now. For outdoor enthusiasts like us, it’s no big news that cycling, hiking and running help you to stay sane and fit. But in the current situation, we all need to act responsibly to protect ourselves and others. 

It’s important to follow official guidance for your area first, but where you are encouraged to get some fresh air, we’ve put together the most important aspects of getting outdoors responsibly.

Ride, hike and run solo

Many of us enjoy gathering with our local community. After work loops with friends are a beloved part of our week. But for now we have to say farewell to all group rides, runs or walks and accept the necessary social distancing. Ride, hike or run alone or with members of your household. We can support our community the most by not meeting them in person right now. Instead, we can support each other online.

Avoid crowded places

We all know this one road with no traffic where you can roll on smooth asphalt, or the hill in the park with a great view of the sunset. Unfortunately, you’re probably not the only one who knows about it. As everyone heads to that great outdoors spot, it might be difficult to keep at least 2 meters distance. That’s why now is the perfect time to explore the map and look for the lesser-known spots. We’re sure that you can still discover some hidden gems in your neighborhood.

Stay local

Closed borders make travel abroad impossible. But longer trips in our own countries also increase the threat of spreading COVID-19. We’ll probably need to stop for gas, pick up snacks en route, or use the toilet somewhere. We can try to limit our interactions, bring our own food, and see no one… But it’s safer to use the time to rediscover our surroundings. There will be time to set out on great adventures again.

Don’t push your limits

After intense physical activity, the body is more susceptible to infections. Experts call it the open window effect and we want to avoid this right now. We should also avoid putting an additional strain on healthcare systems by suffering an accident while bombing down a technical trail on a mountain bike, or exploring a risky hiking trail in the mountains. Let’s take things a little easier for now. 

Listen to the local authorities

Of course, komoot is not a health expert and cannot give any legal advice. The situation varies regionally and is constantly changing. So above all, always follow local government and health officials’ recommendations and respect the restrictions put in place. 

Can’t get out? 

We are aware that in some countries you currently have no option to go out. We hope you’ll have the opportunity to ride your bike or hike again soon. To help you pass the time in a fun way and keep our community connected, we’ve prepared a series of digital events and workshops centered around route planning and adventure. We’re also encouraging you to relive some of your past adventures.

Finally keep in mind that the peaks, switchbacks, and trails will still be there when this is over.  And once we can go on big adventures again we’ll enjoy them like never before. But now your health is more important than any adventure – as is the health of our communities. We all need to act responsibly to protect ourselves and others.  Getting outside doesn’t just help us to stay sane and fit. We can rediscover our surroundings and enjoy the hidden treasures right on our doorsteps.

Stay safe. Ride solo. Explore local.