In pictures – Rapha // komoot gravel gang

As the autumnal colors covered the Somerset countryside, Rapha asked us to team up and run a gravel ride because komoot is an expert in finding lesser-known tiny lanes, gravel tracks, and forest trails.

Planning the route was a lot of fun. Komoot fills you with the feeling of being an explorer in your own area. To plan this route I started by choosing my sport type for this route. I went for gravel bike, this means komoot favors small lanes, backroads, and bridleways. I always then start by choosing my start and end point and in this case making it a round trip and seeing what komoot suggests.

I then like to look more in detail. Below your planned route you can see the share of different way types and the surface, if you hover over these the according sections are highlighted on your route. You can also do the same with the elevation profile giving you the chance to make any pre-ride tweaks. I also at this point click into any Highlights near the route to see what other cyclists have recommended, you never know what hidden gems you might be missing by not taking the time to take a small detour!  

“The most fun I’ve had riding my bike since I was a kid.”

“As we skirted in and out of woodland and conquered climbs, the weather was truly glorious. And as we rested our weary legs, we were rewarded with stunning vistas and refueled on farm-fresh Somerset gelato. What a ride!”

“Thank you for taking me on my first off-road experience!”

“A week later and I’m still thinking about that ride.”