Power-up your Garmin: Introducing the Brand-New Komoot App for Garmin Devices

Introducing the brand-new komoot for Garmin app, allowing you to sync planned komoot routes with your Garmin device—and to re-route any Tour on the go.

Use a Garmin to track your outdoor activities? Well, with this latest release from komoot, you can now enjoy more flexible, reliable and controllable routing—all at the click of a button.

Available on 15 different Garmin devices, all you have to do to get started is download the free komoot app from the Garmin Connect IQ store and sign in to your account. Once you’re set up, all of your planned komoot routes will be immediately visible on your Garmin device—ready to be downloaded and tracked. Then, simply sync your komoot account with your Garmin profile to save your recorded Tours back on komoot once you’re done.

Offering more flexibility for Garmin users than ever before, the komoot for Garmin app also allows you to completely re-plan your routes on the go. Just go to the komoot app on your iOS or Android device, re-plan and re-sync—and  see the new route immediately on your Garmin.

To learn more, head to  www.komoot.com/garmin

Key Benefits

Share routes and Tour information between your komoot and Garmin accounts

With a simple two-step process, you can view, download and track your planned komoot routes on your Garmin—and relive all of the action back on your komoot profile after you’ve completed your Tour.

Replan any route on the go

Offering Garmin users more flexibility than ever before, you can fully re-plan your routes on the go. Just head into the komoot app on your smartphone, update your route and re-sync—and follow your brand-new route on your Garmin.

Go the distance – multi-day tracking

With the longer battery life offered on Garmin devices, you can now reliably track longer Tours and multi-day adventures—without worrying about your phone dying.