Our Packing List for Beautiful Fall Hikes

Fall is a weird season. Temperatures are cool, but not cold yet. The sun lets the world shimmer in a golden light, just to change her mind and hide between the clouds a moment after. For hiking, this is the perfect time of the year. Only when it gets to packing, things are a big more complicated. This is why we put together a packing list for hiking in fall, so you’ll have everything you need with you, but won’t carry more than necessary:

  • Warm Sweater. Wear it while travelling to the start point of your Tour, for the first then minutes of your hike and to not to cool down during breakes.
  • Good rain jacket. With this, it doesn’t matter whether the forecast was right. Wear it directly on shirt to protect yourself from the wind and getting scratches.
  • Fruit and cereal bar. What’s a hike without a nice stopover to fire up your energy level? When your Tour is longer than four hours, consider taking a sandwich, too.
  • Knife. Lets you feel like a scout and is useful for many things: Cutting fruit, carving wood, spontaneous MacGyver inventions, …
  • Camera. Adventures need to be captured. For showing off and day dreaming, when there’s no time to go on a trip.
  • Real hiking shoes. Won’t be happy in your backpack, so put them on your feet! You’ll feel like home anywhere.
  • Some cash. Treat yourself to hot chocolate on a mountain hut? Need to take the bus for a bit due to change of plans? Bribe the ranger? You never know.
  • Handkerchiefs. For the sneezy fall nose.
  • Drink. Right now it’s hard to decide whether to take a hot or a cold drink. As long as it’s not freezing outside, taking a cold one is more refreshing and less compicated.
  • Smartphone. Your map, navigation and recording device. But we don’t need to tell you that.

Alright, ready? Plan a beautiful Tour, pack your backpack, put on your hiking shoes and get out!

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