Taking the scenic route with komoot’s new uphill routing for mountain biking

Bombing down a singletrack is a pretty great feeling. But what makes a great downhill trail doesn’t necessarily make for great uphill riding. That’s why we’ve introduced new uphill routing which distinguishes between the trails you want to ride up, and the ones you want to ride down – and komoot is the only route planner that is smart enough to know the difference.

What’s changed?

It’s no longer about the most direct route to the top, but rather the most rideable route to get there. Komoot’s new uphill routing tries to avoid steep, unrideable segments, prioritizing gravel roads with a more gradual gradient. So what will your new rides look like?

Instead of just inverting the downhill route, where you would have to climb 1160 m on just 5 km komoot proposes a longer, but less steep route uphill.
  • Far fewer steep, unrideable uphill trails
  • + More flatter paved roads on the uphill segments

Why the change, and why now? 

Because you asked for it. We’ve reviewed routing feedback from hundreds of you, and it’s clear that uphill routing is a top priority amongst the mountain biking community. Useful features like the route surface and elevation profiles, and the community Highlights will work alongside the new uphill routing, to level up komoot, and your riding, in one swift move.

Want to leave us routing feedback?
Hit the exclamation mark in the bottom right corner of the desktop Route planner, or hit the thumbs up or thumbs down icon during route navigation or recording on your mobile. You can read more about how to give feedback. Komoot helps people have better adventures, and we rely on you to let us know how to improve.