Forewarned is forearmed: Be even more informed about your route with new route warnings

Komoot’s Route planner empowers you to plan the best route for you and your sport, and we’ve just taken things up a notch. 

Introducing new and improved route warnings. Warnings are tips that show up in the planner as you plot your route, alerting you when a segment may require a little extra attention from you. With a little pre-warning, you can plan ahead to ensure you have an amazing adventure, every time you head out.

What are the new route warnings?

You may have seen route warnings in komoot before, but we’ve added some more, based on popular demand. These are the additional alerts you may see in the Route planner.

uphill warning iconSteep uphill segment:
This warning gives you a heads up when your planned route takes you up a hill so steep that most people will need to get off and push. For example, a mountain bike route that takes you up a technical singletrack, or a road ride that has you climbing an exceptionally steep gradient for an unsustainable distance.

steps warning iconSteps:
As the name suggests, this warning alerts you that your route will go up or down a series of unavoidable steps (like a railroad bridge), so you’ll probably have to carry your bike. In general, komoot always tries to route around places with steps.

restricted segment warning iconRestricted segment:
This warning lets you know that specific access limitations apply to a segment of your planned Tour, such as wildlife breeding grounds, military training areas, or trails that have impassable snow. If you see this warning, you should check the status of the segment before going on your Tour (if possible)… or be prepared to reroute on the fly.

unsuitable surface warning iconUnsuitable surface:
If you see this warning, it means your route includes a section that is inappropriate for your sport type, such as sandy tracks on your bike touring route or rough unpaved road for your road ride.

dismount warning iconDismount:
The dismount warning means that your planned route takes you through a section where riding is not allowed, such as a pedestrian zone in a city center or a hiking trail where mountain biking is prohibited. You’ll need to dismount and push your bike on this segment.

And these are the ones you may have seen before:

ferry warning iconFerry:
If you see this warning you’ll need to take a ferry. Check the prices and the timetable before you leave. You don’t want to be stranded or left waiting overnight for the next available trip!

movable bridge warning iconMoveable bridge:
Similar to the ferry alert, if you see a warning for a moveable bridge, ensure you check the opening times so your Tour can continue across the river smoothly.

offgrid warning iconOff-grid:
This warning is shown on all routes that include an off-grid segment, that is, a part of your route that doesn’t adhere to komoot’s known network of roads, streets or paths. During off-grid sections, you won’t be given any turn-by-turn voice navigation instructions, so be sure to check the map.

You’ll spot these warnings in the planner as you plot your route. To avoid any confusion, you can find a full guide to the warnings here.

A trailblazing feature for a trailblazing community

Route planning which gives you a comprehensive view of your ride, before you set off, is a top priority for the komoot adventure community. We know this because we asked hundreds of you for your opinions. That’s why we began our latest wave of improvements by updating the route warnings. We’re super stoked we can now say that komoot is the only Route planner with this feature in such a comprehensive form. 

Max out on adventure enjoyment with even more foresight

Our upgraded route warnings work alongside komoot’s surface, waytype and elevation profiles, and the recommended community Highlights. This lets you visualize your Tour before you get outdoors, and maximize your enjoyment along every inch of the way. 

Komoot’s routing is constantly improving so these segments will be avoided automatically in the future. Want to help us improve komoot even more in the meantime? Report your route improvements by clicking on the small exclamation mark in the bottom right of the Route planner on On mobile, you can hit the thumbs up or thumbs down icon while recording or navigating a Tour (on iOS you’ll need to open the control first. That’s the blue button at the bottom of the screen). 

Learn how to provide feedback on the mobile and desktop app. We’re all ears!


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  1. Alex says:

    Viewranger app had great features not seen in outdooractive or Komoot.

    But, Komoot has great potential, especially the audible navigation, which is far better than ODA.

    Kommoot lacks the facility to enter a text and audible alert for specific instructions at the start of the route or along the route – well, not that i can find. There are only generic list to select from.

  2. James says:

    completed cycling from Loja to Ardales, Spain

    When planning, Komoot showed 41 miles and 2450 feet of climb

    The actual route was 49 miles and 3500 feet of climb

    Have others experienced similar issues?

  3. chris says:

    Yeah nice in theory in practice you just don’t have the wealth of information. I just uploaded a 80km/50mi ride I do regularly so others can enjoy it and apparently “cycling is forbidden” on 12 miles of the route and there are 2 miles of steps. News to me.

  4. NH says:

    Just to add to the list of others: I would be happy to pay a premium to include Ordnance Survey maps. The Open Street map doesn’t list rights of way, which makes planning a route difficult (and when out walking, you are never sure whether you are allowed to be on a path or not).

  5. Garrett Lambert says:

    First, thank you for creating a wonderful app.
    Pls incorporate a “Save As” option rather than having to over-write an existing route and then re-naming it. As it now is, amending a route means not only losing the original, the amended route is assigned the date of the original which is confusing and makes it hard to find when one has almost a hundred tours.

    1. Tobias says:

      Hi Garrett,
      Great that you like the app and thanks for your feedback!

  6. Ron Griffin says:

    i for one would be more than happy to pay extra for ordnance survey maps. The British standard for all English explorers.

  7. RB says:

    Just get around to adding ordnance survey maps with contours and we won’t need all this..

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