New: Plan Long Tours In A Flash

0.382 seconds. That’s the planning time for your next big adventure. That’s fifty times faster than it used to be and definitely a record maker when it comes to outdoor routing. So what are you doing next? A transalp? The Way of St. James? It’s all just a click away.

With our new routing, you can plan Tours that are as long as there’s land out there. It’s super fast, it’s super easy. How did we do it? We had a look at the developments in science and tech in the last couple of years. And we found some awesome new algorithms which we adapted to outdoor sports and added a little extra magic.

Jan, our resident brain, has been seen jumping with joy around the office in the last couple of days:

Jan, Backend Developer:

“The new routing is a personal milestone for me. Even more people are going to be able to plan exactly the Tour they want – that’s pretty great.”

Ready for a test-spin? What’s a long Tour you’ve always wanted to do?

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