Navigate right from your watch with komoot’s new Samsung Galaxy Watch app

Plan your perfect route then set off on an adventure, and never miss a turn while you’re out there. With komoot’s new Samsung Galaxy Watch app, you can leave the house with nothing but your sports kit and your Samsung watch. No phone necessary! 

Use the app to connect your watch to your komoot account and use komoot’s nifty adventure features right from your wrist. Plan your route on your usual device, save it offline, and let your watch navigate you along your Tour. To make the most out of the app, don’t forget to adjust your watch settings.

A status bar on the side of the watch face displays your progress as you go, and an arrow on the screen tells you when a turn is coming up. You can also see live Tour stats like your current speed, average speed, and the duration of your Tour. If you want to know the route’s elevation profile, you can see that on your watch too!

For a spontaneous adventure, you can record your ride, hike, or run via your watch. When you’re done, save the recording and upload it to your account.

The stand-alone Samsung Galaxy Watch app is brand new, but we’ve always empowered you to experience adventure your way. You can use komoot on hundreds of devices from GPS devices, to Smartwatches and E-Bikes.

GPS computers

Get komoot on your Garmin, Wahoo or other GPS computer.

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Discover komoot’s advanced integrations for smarwatches.

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Superpower your e-bike with komoot’s tracking and navigation tech.

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  1. Mark Cramman says:

    Tried this on the Samsung watch tonight for the first time. Garbage without a map

    1. Peter James Cornelissen says:

      I agree it needs the map otherwise you keep having to look at your phone, not ideal on a bike.

  2. Thomas Juul says:

    Can you pinpoint a destination, and have the watch guide you to it, off-trail?
    I often go off-trail and have no street names to follow. I’d like it to point me in the direction and tell me if I am getting closer or further away from my goal(?)

  3. Mathijs says:

    I recently purchased the offline map pack. Please revise the Samsung Gear app (Tizen) so that we can download the maps on our watches.

  4. Craig says:

    Is there plans for the Samsung watch app to be able to show the actual map of route navigation instead of just directions.

    1. Tiago says:

      Thougth it would be possible by purchasing offline maps, but there’s no option to download maps in the galaxy app settings.

  5. MIA VANGEEL says:


  6. Michael Thompson says:

    When will this be available on the Apple Watch? Can you also record your route with the standalone watch app?

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