Maps that make your adventures better

It’s makeover time at komoot, but instead of trying out a new bob or shaving the winter beard off, we’ve given the komoot map a new look. Because when enough people like you suggest improvements for the look and feel of it, the enthusiasm rubs off on us. 

We’ve updated a bunch of things behind the scenes, some more obvious than others.

Changes you’ll notice

See national parks at a glance thanks to sharper colors that make them stand out

Avoid private, forbidden, or closed roads and paths which are now marked with warning signs

Cycling paths are easier to spot – even when you’re zoomed out

Plan routes on smaller roads more easily with new road color-coding

Easy-to-spot railway lines make it simple to broaden your adventure horizons by identifying places with train stations

For adventures further afield, place names are now displayed in multiple languages.

How these changes support your adventures

The refined 2021 version of the komoot map puts the emphasis on adventure. Sharper colors and new color-coding mean the places that make for good adventures are visually clearer, so you can make a beeline for them when planning your Tours.

Try it out for yourself. Check out the new map in the route planner.

P.S. For those who want to go further, komoot Premium’s Sport-specific maps feature also gets a boost from the updated Maps. 

Updates include clearly visible international cycling and mountain bike routes, local cycling networks, IMBA trail ratings in the US, and official trail markers displayed on the map itself. Check out Sport-specific maps here.