komoot Pioneers: Trade Your Car For A Bike

In case you haven’t heard of our Pioneers program yet, you should check it out. Because you might just be the outdoors geek we are looking for. Pioneers are the most active members of komoot, highlighting the best spots on their Tours with photos and comments for others to check them out. Our Pioneer series introduces exceptional members of the komoot community, that have already proven themselves as Pioneers.

One of our favorite Pioneers is Silvia. She fell in love with cycling, because she noticed how it made her relax during stressful times. Soon after, she sold her car and simply cycled everywhere she had to go. She and her aluminium friend collected over 50,000 km on the road. And even though she now owns a car again due to her new job, she continues to be drawn towards long cycling  and hiking paths and the freedom she feels conquering them. Here are our very favorites amongst Silvia’s endless collection of Highlights.

Neualp Lakes at Hohe Tauern1mmeg98s92i471sqoop5h7vwjw144fmzzx-uhinull

“A friend of mine, a rather loud person, became quiet and awed when looking at these majestic mountains, this loneliness and cold. I recommend this Tour to anyone who doesn’t hike on a regular basis but wants to get high up anyhow. There’s a little food place at the lift, but you should bring enough food and drinks for the rest of the trail.”

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St. Isidor bei Bozen1evokugbf4kdkgjto1xqp5hxx12u7fe5n-uhinull

“Just outside of Bolzano, there’s this paradisical hiking region with many undiscovered little spots. St. Isidor is perfect to take a break, relax and enjoy the view.”

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 Naturküste auf Mallorca8s9koe28ksg7moahe5a97hka146u9cz5-uhinull

“My plan always was to become the only German that never set foot on Mallorca…it’s a good thing I didn’t follow that resolution. The trail along the rocky coast is amazing. Your wheels should be somewhat robust and you need to be a rather experienced biker. There’s a cliff leading down to a rugged bay…only for hardboiled swimmers.”

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