komoot Pioneers: The Coolest Guy in the Netherlands

Whenever we talk about Pioneers here in our office, Ronald‘s name is sure to come up. Together with his wife and dogs, he has tracked over 1,200 km of Tours on komoot and highlighted an incredible amount of beautiful and interesting places. During his long walks in the north and east of the Netherlands, what he enjoys most is the peace and quiet. When he’s not out recording Tours or nature watching, you are likely to find him in his vegetable garden or knitting colorful socks. Cool guy, right? Here’s a selection of his Highlights.

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“Castle Den Bramel is a former castle west of the road Vorden-Almen in the heart of the Achterhoek in the Dutch province of Gelderland. The estate dates back to 1396, when it was first mentioned in historical records. The present form of the castle dates from around 1725 with older masonry of a previous house was rebuilt. The estate is open to the public, the castle itself and surrounding gardens are private.

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Toornwerd & Groningen Villages1q47h4lgd613o103dkr27ldude13q424rq-uhinull

“Most villages in this region are built on “Wierden” (terps). On these aligned hills, that were built with bare hands, the first residents, mostly fishermen and farmers, were safe from the water of the mud flat. These terps originated between 500 B.C. and in the Middle Ages.”

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Drenthe Vledderhof Estate61y6po76fyac76pvz27umyp13q0krr7-uhinull

“Vledderhof Estate is part of an impressive nature reserve of over 5,000 hectares. From the small provincial road just outside the village, Vledder fields are interspersed with forests that hide any sign of life. Be careful not to miss the weathered lion heads on their posts that mark exactly where the driveway to the old oak by the Vledderhof begins.”

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The Town of Harlingen1pcwe44ikabgkq00erwa0w7al13q3pivi-uhinull

“If you like lively cities with a convivial and comfortable charm, Harlingen is your place. Many shops, cozy bars, fine restaurants, the beach pavillon Het Zilt, terrasses on the water and street cafés will make your day. Whenever you are in the Friesland region, make sure to make a stop in Harlingen.”

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Pioneers are the most active komoot users, highlighting the best spots on their Tours with photos and comments for others to check them out. Our Pioneer series introduces exceptional members of the komoot community, that have already proven themselves as Pioneers.

What are the coolest spots and trails in your region? Highlight them now on komoot and become a Pioneer.

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