Komoot Pioneers: From Rocket Trails To High Jumps

Pioneers are the first to create recommendations on the best spots in a region. How do you become one? The first step is to highlight the most remarkable spots on one of your Tours. Add a stunning photo, a short description or tip and it’s done: other’s will be able to explore your highlights and add them to their Tours.

Tobias leads the way. He loves to fly over cool trails on his mountain bike around Hannover, mostly around Brücke Mountain or the Deister natural reserve. After the ride, in true Pioneer-fashion, he highlights the nicest trails and viewpoints, adds photos, practical tips and even uploads some videos of the nicest trails. Here are only some of his recommendations:

Rodenberge Meadow near Idensen1viefrkj55slag5fqbnlx8ssb15v11fzc-uhinull

“In 2012, the Rodenberg Meadow was renaturated to prevent floods in more inhabited areas. I love spending time here and already am looking forward to the next flood!”

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Rocket Trail

“This downhill track is highly recommended! Fast or slow, it’s amazing to waste your energy on this trail. The upper part is fast and hard and the lower part offers some big jumps.”

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Old Stone Pit & Old Rail Bridge

“Beautiful old stone pit at 300 meters altitude. You’ll meet other riders and there are lots of little trails. All rideable with normal equipment, lots of great photo subjects.”

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Border Trail

“Cool, fast descent without jumps. Pretty narrow in the summer ;-)”

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Ladies Only1ioh7g2z91vx91bgkevvr09lj610xk19lc-uhinull

“After a short break at Annaturm, go hit this flowy trail with some nice jumps. Ideal for group rides, even if you aren’t all on the same riding level.”

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What are the coolest spots and trails in your region? Highlight them now on komoot and become an Pioneer.

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