The New and Improved komoot for Garmin App: More of Your Favourite Features Now Available on Garmin

Committed adventurers are inseparable from their navigation devices, and they also love komoot. 

With the new version of our komoot for Garmin app, using komoot with your Garmin is easier than ever, and far more convenient. You get the familiar komoot experience and your favorite features right on your Garmin device. 

What do you get with the new and improved komoot for Garmin app?

With the all-new komoot for Garmin app, komoot functionality for Garmin skyrockets. You’ve always been able to access your planned routes and details of the route you selected, and now you can do so much more.

Filter planned Tours: Find the Tour you had in mind more easily by filtering your planned Tours by date, distance, location, and sport-type. No need to scroll through endless planned Tours, hoping you find the one you want.

View and Filter your Highlights: See your recommended or bookmarked Highlights and sort the list by date added, sport-type or location relative to where you are. Once you’ve selected a Highlight you can choose to save it offline or navigate to it straight away. Picture scrolling through the komoot app and bookmarking a gorgeous lookout point in the Dolomites. You save the Highlight offline on your Garmin for a later date, and the following weekend you find yourself on a ride in that region. You realize you’re not too far from that lookout point so during your lunch stop you find the Highlight in the list,  tap on the navigate me function, and in under half an hour you’re enjoying the beautiful views. And you did it all within your Garmin device.

Access bookmarked Collections: Access your list of bookmarked Collections, plus the route details for Tours within each Collection. Choose a Tour and save for use offline from within ‘your’ Garmin, or start a  tour then and there. 

What does it all mean? 

It means that you can find your saved Tours more easily. It means that you have more flexibility from within your Garmin device to navigate to Highlights nearby. It means you simplify your life by doing all of this from one device.

Ultimately it means you can see all of your planned Tours, Collections and bookmarked Highlights, whether looking at komoot on your desktop, in the app on your phone, or on a Garmin device. 

How do you get the improved komoot for Garmin?

To benefit from the latest update in the komoot for Garmin app, make sure you have the latest version of komoot installed. The Garmin Connect app should update automatically. 

If in doubt you can update manually by clicking the update button within the Garmin Connect app, or on the Garmin Connect IQ Store on your desktop. Some of you might even want to connect your device directly to your computer and update it.

We want everyone to explore more so we do our best to make it easier for you to plan the best routes for your adventure. With a smoother Garmin experience, you’ll have extra motivation to get out and explore more!

Want to experience it for yourself? Update the app and leave a review on the IQ Store.


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  1. Andre Prud'Homme says:

    Hi Komoot,
    I would like to ask you if Komoot and a Garmin Edge 800 can work together, or is the Edge 800 to old ?

  2. Stefano says:

    Dear all, I really like this new integration between Komoot and Garmin…but since this last upgrade I’m experiencing app and GPS crashes.

    When I try to download a large route using the Komoot App for Garmin to my GPS device Garmin Edge 1030 the App behaves strangely:
    – below 100 km, no problem
    – around 150 km, the app crashes
    – around 200 km, the whole GPS crashes

    In this video ( I show these three cases:
    – Test 1: 141 km, the app crashes, but the GPS still works
    – Test 2: 36 km, the app downloads the route to my GPS
    – Test 3: 208 km, the GPS crashes completely and it needs to be restarted manually

    Can you please advice what to do?

    1. Bernd Thomsen says:

      Hi Stefano,
      I use WIN 10 and Explorer for this.
      Export your route as a *.gpx/gps-File from Komoot on your PC. Connect your Garmin by USB-cable with your PC. Copy your *.pps/gps-file from PC to the folder “Newfiles” on your Garmin Navi. You will find the file on your Garmin. I hope it will run better.

  3. Sylviak says:

    Komoot is just great, for route planning, and as a gps on my phone, in the komoot app. However, I don’t understand the garmin bit. I wasted a lot of time, planning routes with komoot and other products, even garmin itself. The outcome is always the same: garmin edge (800, 1000, forerunner 935) is only able to show the map (in micro unusable format) but is unable to give prompts, outside of “off course” or “course found”. Garmin only gives prompts when its own options are used (where to), but then again it doesn’t allow one to choose the route, for example the drau radweg.
    I don’t see the use of that and have definitely discarded the garmin in favor of komoot on my phone.

    1. Bernd Thomsen says:

      Hi SYLVIAK,
      Export your route as a *.gpx/gps-File from Komoot on your PC.
      Connect your Garmin by USB-cable with your PC. Copy your *.pps/gps-file from PC to the folder “Newfiles” on your Garmin Navi. You will find the file on your Garmin. I hope it will run better.

  4. Tim says:

    When can we have Komoot maps on our Garmin devices, especially now the maps are vector maps? Default Garmin maps are quite poor and while you can get OSM maps, I generally don’t like their colour scheme. It would be good if Komoot maps could be downloaded to our devices, I much prefer their look and feel.

  5. Gianni Resti says:

    Hi Komoot,
    I really love your app, both on PC, Android and Garmin, but I found a very annoying behaviour on Garmin App (Oregon 700).

    I have to link my komoot app to my garmin account every time I launch the app on my garmin. This is very annoyng and takes me a couple of minutes entering email and password on my phone in garmin connect app.

    This not happens with wikiloc app for example, so I often use wikiloc instead of komoot even if your apps are far away better than wikiloc.

    I have also bought a world map package, so I wish you can solve this problem because I really like your apps!

    1. Betty says:

      Hi Gianni! This was a bug apparently but is fixed now. You need to follow these steps to get the right version: Install a Garmin Express app on a PC. Connect the device to a computer and wait to synchronize. When you disconnect the device from a computer, it will show “Do you want to install the update?” More info:

      If they download the new version of the Komoot app, we also display the dialog that they need to update their Garmin firmware.


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