Introducing Komoot Premium: The New Home of those who Go Further

Komoot Premium is the new one-stop adventure planner for when you don’t want your adventure to end.

That first crunch of gravel as your boot hits the trail, the clicking of your bike gears as you pedal away from your start point. Nothing beats the anticipation of heading down an unknown trail or lane, not knowing what’s waiting for you around the bend. Except for the triumph of reaching the top of a big sweaty climb. Or rising to the challenges that have you in a heap of muddy frustration, then a haze of jubilant happy-dance moves. 

An adventure with all these ingredients? These are the adventures that get us out of bed in the morning. These are the adventures that make us feel alive. The tough ones and the beautiful ones that make us want to keep going further. The ones we never want to end. 

Ever felt like that? Like you don’t want the adventure to end?

We’ve got something special for you: Komoot Premium.

We’ve introduced komoot Premium for those who go further, whether it’s your first ever mountain bike overnighter, a challenging high altitude hiking trail, a multi-day cycling trip to explore a foreign culture, or anything in between. 

Premium is an enhanced package of komoot features you’ll receive on top of the maps and planning tools you already have. It allows you to go further by making every stage of your adventure-planning simpler. From pre-trip prepping to planning your route, organizing your Tours and staying safe in the great outdoors, Premium has you covered. It enables you to live a life full of adventure, even more easily than ever before.

It’s brand new so we know you’ve got questions. Read on to find out what komoot Premium is all about.

What do you get with Premium and how does it help you go further?

Premium offers 6 additional features  — you’ll get access to these on top of all the great komoot features you already benefit from.

Multi-day planner
Easily plan adventures that’ll take anything from two days to multiple weeks. No more planning each segment separately, no more endless spreadsheets and browser tabs. Now you can plot one long Tour and break it up into flexible day-by-day segments depending on the elevation and available accommodation en route. Then it’ll show you what these accommodation options are.
Discover the multi-day tour planner

On-Tour weather
Study the up-to-date weather conditions along every inch of your Tour, so you can pack the right gear, adjust your route if necessary, or mentally prepare yourself for non-ideal conditions.
Discover On-Tour weather

Sport-specific maps
Switch between different maps designed for your sport. The Hiking map overlay displays official trekking routes in the area, along with their difficulty rating.  Ditto for MTB trails and their singletrack scale. Road cycling routes will highlight cycling networks and where they intersect. 
Discover Sport-specific maps

Premium protection
Explore in total confidence with Premium protection, your one-stop insurance shop that’s guaranteed to protect you when things go wrong in the mountains, or out on the trail, far away from service providers. Currently available for adventurers based in Germany and Austria, we’ll unlock this feature in other countries soon.
Discover Premium protection

Personal Collections
Conveniently curate your Tours and Highlights into Collections so you can find your favorite planned and completed Tours more easily.
Discover Personal Collections

Privileged pricing
Before you head out, you need to ensure you’ve got the right gear. We’ve teamed up with partners in 14 countries so you can pay less for over 100,000 products from 900 different brands. 
Discover Premium pricing

Komoot Premium might sound good to you but no doubt there are some other things you want to know…

Are komoot maps still available for a one-time payment?

Yes! Premium is designed for people who are ready to go further, but you might be happy with offline maps and voice navigation, just as they are. Our regions bundles are available at the same price as before. Plus we’ll keep improving and updating our maps regularly, at no additional cost. We know Premium isn’t for everyone so rest assured you’ll still get great value from your current komoot package.

Just need offline maps? Get the ones you want and go

Coming in three different sizes, unlock the maps for the regions you need — and enjoy offline maps and voice navigation only where you need it.

€3,99 up to €29,99 / one-time payment

For those that go further

The best adventures are the ones you don’t want to end. And now they don’t have to. Say hello to Premium.

€59,99 / year

What happens to my Complete Package if I upgrade to Premium?

Already making use of offline, worldwide maps? No problem. Worldwide maps and navigation are already yours forever. You’ll always have access to this feature whether you use Premium or not. And if you do decide to upgrade, we’ll shave €30.00 (50%) off the Premium price for your first year, as a thank you for your previous purchase.
Upgrade now

Will komoot stay great, even if I’m not ready to upgrade yet?

Not ready to go further with Premium? We want to encourage everyone to explore more so we’ll keep improving komoot. We recently updated the komoot for Garmin App, and introduced HD Maps to pave the way for future improvements, so don’t worry. We’ve got your adventurous back, even if you’re not ready to upgrade to Premium.

If you are ready to go further you might still have one question lingering in your mind.

How much will Premium cost me? 

Komoot Premium is a subscription that will cost you €4.99 per month, billed annually. We’ll remind you before it’s time to renew your subscription. If you’ve already paid for the Complete Package, we’ll discount that cost from the annual price of Premium for your first year. 

Sound good? There’s only one thing left to do.

Sign me up!

Ready to go further and take your adventure-planning to the next level? You can sign up for Premium right here. You’ll be asked to provide your payment details, and if your country is eligible for Premium protection, you’ll be prompted to fill in your personal details so your insurance can be set up.


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  1. Marius Bagdonas says:

    Your so-called “monthly subscription” is a bit misleading. You have to pay for one year. Personally, I would prefer monthly billing or a short trial. Please consider introducing such payment options.

  2. Ray Miles says:

    Is it possible to loop different routes (to make 1 amazing trail route) with the Premium function? This would be a great addition to Komoot.

  3. Pete Whiting says:

    I purchased Premium in early 2020 hoping to use it to plan and execute our summer ride in Europe. Unfortunately COVID cancelled our plans and I didn’t get much value from that purchase or experience using Premium. I am now considering purchasing it again for our 2021 two-week tour, but it is hard to justify an annual plan when I really need it for only a small portion of the year. As stated by others above, please consider offering Premium as a monthly service instead of an annual one.

    1. Koko says:

      I agree, I thought the same. It’s not 4.88 a month but 60 pounds charge.

  4. Mikko Mattila says:

    I’m just going to echo what others said already. I’d like to try premium but I don’t feel like paying 60 euros without being able to see what the premium experience is like in my area.

    Monthly billing or a short trial would do the trick.

  5. Robbe says:

    Is there a way to use this for a month to then see whether I like it or not? Right now, I don’t feel like paying 60 euros just to find out it’s not what I thought it would provide for me.
    A free trial of 14 days or a full month would provide me the info I need to decide if I want a year worth of komoot.

  6. Shay says:

    I live in Germany, but I’d like to either have the monthly bills or half-yearly because at €59,99 one-time, I am unable to use Google Play to bill (my corporate allowance is capped). Please implement granular payment possibilities.

  7. Andrew Swindells says:

    Why not allow £4.99 monthly with cancel at anytime, I’m sure more people would take the plunge and if the benefits of been premium outweigh non premium the subscription will remain for as long as people use it? I for one would use komoot premium but not at £59.99, you may get injured and be unable to use.
    I understand from a business perspective but from a user perspective it puts a lot of potential users off.

  8. Cees says:

    Is it possible to try out the premium for a week or so? before buying it?

  9. Martin says:

    can the estimated time calculation include adjustment for headwind?

  10. Rob Voets says:

    I think € 60 euros is only worth it with insurance included. When will it be available outside of Germany/Austria (in my case The Netherlands)? Also, when I sign up now for Premium now and later insurance will be available in The Netherlands, will it be added automatically?

    1. Alan says:

      Hi Rob,
      I noticed it is already available in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe (as well as the USA and Canada).
      That’s the misleading side of blogs, they go out of date quite quickly,

  11. Luiz says:

    I can pay for the Multi-day planner right now if it’s available as an extra module/feature but not 60€/year for all the other things that are really not appealing, sorry.
    Really hope that soon you guys realise that can have a bigger profit with smaller modules instead of the full premium package.
    If Strava did, and they are pretty big, it’s a good sign for Komoot

  12. Combecave says:

    Pouvez m’informer sur la date envisagée pour la version en Francais ?
    Merci d avance pour votre réponse

  13. Stefano says:

    Are you planning to include more features in the future and eventually give the possibility to subscribe to a subset of them? You are going the same way as Strava did a couple of years ago. Then they realized, they could have earned more by splitting the paid subscription into smaller modules. In the end, I would be willing to pay something extra for the features I really need and top up with other ones as they become useful.

    1. Leigh says:

      +1 for this. I only really would like to organise my planned tours into subfolders

  14. Jenő says:

    If I upgrade to Premium and quit after one year what will happen to my collected special, Premium type data like Personal Collections and others?

  15. peter says:

    Really unhappy about Komoot going the subscription route. As many others, I have also chosen Komoot over others because of no subscription. I paid the one-off price to get the full package and now it becomes not the full package. There is no more advantage for me staying with Komoot, can start looking at Strava, Ridewithgps and others.

    Why does the sport specific maps have to be included in the bloody subscription? You get the “official” tours from openmaps, why do I have to pay extra to see them?

    Very annoyed and considering leaving komoot.

    1. Tom says:

      Very much agree. One of the main selling points was a no-subscription model. Now having purchased all maps we are met with incomplete functionality / second rate service

  16. David Walker says:

    Sorry, you have to be kidding. Just signed up for Premium, tried to create a multi-day tour from existing routes to be told that a simple 100km ride is minimum of 2 days!

    1. Tobias says:

      Hi David,
      It’s great that you’re much fitter than some of our other users 😉 For all routes longer than 100km you can choose to use the multi-day planner and split it into multiple stages. But of course, you have the choice of how long you want to do your stages and can adjust it with just one click.
      Have a great weekend!

  17. Ash Ray says:

    Australia is listed as a region in the complete package online but I don’t appear to be able to download it? Is it available?

    1. Tobias says:

      Hi Ash,
      you can download planned routes in Australia and those will also contain the corresponding maps.

  18. Stefano says:

    After the upgrade of Komoot for Garmin App I noticed that long routes (more than 100 km) make the Garmin unit to crash (Edge 1030). I have several planned routes which are more than 100 km long. I can see them in the Garmin App but when I select them for download, the device crashes. Not always, but often. When I restart the App, it often tells me that I’m not connected to WiFi, although I’m.
    Before the upgrade of the Garmin App I never had this problem, I was able to download large routes without a problem.
    Is this some sort of “hidden” restriction in favour of the Multi-Day Planner feature?

    1. Tobias says:

      Hi Stefano,
      Sorry to hear that! The issue is not connected to komoot Premium or the Multi-Day Planner feature. I forwarded your comment to our Garmin app developer and he will try to sort this out as fast as possible.
      Have a great weekend!

  19. Tjaard says:

    Is it possible to pay for Komoot Premium with Paypal?

    I think I try the Premium version for a year to see all the possibilities.

    1. Tobias says:

      Hi Tjaard,
      Currently, on our website, you can unfortunately only pay with credit cards. On Android, you can use credit cards, PayPal and further payment methods. We will add support for PayPal on our website soon.

  20. Aleksander says:

    Not that happy to see Komoot taking the same road as Fitbit (and many others). Creating a reasonably priced subscription service with some unique features. And then adding some feature that almost everyone would enjoy. Not so related to the theme of subscription service.

    In Koomots case it is the “Sport-specific maps” feature.
    Isn’t it just a fancy sentence to say, better filtering?

  21. Bob says:

    As long as the product I’ve paid for remains usable as intended, the subscription features don’t bother me at all. I honestly wasn’t sure how you guys could stay in business without subscriptions being at least part of what you offered.

    1. Tobias says:

      Hi Bob,
      Thanks for your comment! Yes, the komoot Maps product will stay the same and we will continue to improve komoot for all users. We want to encourage everyone to explore more and we know Premium isn’t the right choice for everyone.

  22. Carlos says:

    Like others mentioned, the subscription model is not great for customers and raises all sorts of flags when a company adopts it.
    That said, I am very happy with my experiences using Komoot and so I will try premium out to see if I will really use it – it’s a shame you did not offer existing members a free trial of the new service…. That would have been an idea!

    1. Tobias says:

      Hi Carlos,
      Thanks for your feedback. We are very happy to hear you like the experiences using komoot!

  23. al K says:

    I’m disappointed kamoot has gone down the subscription route, one of the major reasons I chose it was because it wasn’t subscription. It seems unfair that you could be paying for years but you never actually own the features. Obviously some features like insurance will be subscription only. Will you offer users who want to own their features a buying option?

    1. Tobias says:

      Hi Al,
      the new features in komoot Premium will only be available as a subscription. But we totally understand that it’s not the right choice for everyone. Thus we have decided to take a different path than other apps and continue to offer our komoot Maps product (one-time payment). We want to encourage everyone to explore more so we’ll keep improving komoot for all users.

  24. Jack says:

    Sport-specific maps were allready part of the deal when i paid for Komoot maps (and one of the reasons i was willing to pay for it). Now you just take this feature away from ‘regular’ paying users in favor of extra paying users.
    In my opinion this is pretty inapproriate towards existing users and i would like a reaction from the side of Komoot with an explanation.

    1. Tobias says:

      Hi Jack,
      I’m sorry if there’s been a misunderstanding. We did not take away any existing feature. Maybe you are talking about the sport-specific route planning: This is still part of the komoot Maps package and you’ll always have access to this feature whether you use Premium or not.
      Sport-specific maps ( is a new feature we developed recently. It allows you to switch between different maps designed for mountain biking, cycling or hiking. You will then see additional mapping info depending on your sport — be that highlighted singletracks for mountain biking, long-distance cycle routes for road rides, or peaceful paths for hikes.

  25. Oli says:

    My immediate reaction to this is “oh no”; The subscription model is annoying to be honest; every internet company wants this. Having paid for the worldwide maps content, I am unlikely to pay a subscription for one or two features I might use a fee times a year. Better to allow a one off payment at point of use.

    Please be Careful not go down the route of strava, hiking the prices and diluting content over time for lesser tier folks. The richness of Komoot is coming from people like me who take photos, add highlights, tips and create new tours. Don’t lose that – reward it.

    1. Tobias says:

      Hi Oli,
      thanks for your feedback! We totally agree with you. Premium is designed for people who do a lot of tours. But we totally understand that it’s not the right choice for everyone. Thus we have decided to take a different path than other apps and continue to offer our komoot Maps product. We want to encourage everyone to explore more so we’ll keep improving komoot for all users.

    2. Phil P says:

      Totally agree with Oli. I understand the need to keep revenue coming in, but there are so many subscription services these days it’s frustrating to hear of yet another one. I initially chose Komoot over other services because it was a one off payment. Please be careful where you go with this approach.

  26. Ola Strandberg says:

    The mutli-day planner seems like exactly what I have been wishing for. It looks like the functionality will be available also in the Garmin app – can you confirm more details about this?

    I will also say that I am frequently led astray by the ”gravel” route planning if I’m not second guessing the routes quite a bit. For example being routed on what is a cross-county skiiing trail in the winter but is just a field in the summer. Can you elaborate on your capabilities of refining the planning based on customer feedback?

    1. Tobias says:

      Hi Ola,
      When you use the Multi-day planner you can bundle the stages in a Personal Collection and access it with your Garmin.
      We are currently investing a lot to improve our route planning for all sports and regions and are happy about your feedback. We recently introduced a direct way give routing feedback into our apps. When you are navigating you will see a little thumbs up / thumbs down button. When you click on it you can report inappropriate ways, impassable segments, and other issues. The same feature is available on the web by clicking on the route.

  27. David says:

    Komoot is astonishingly good in much of Asia. However, the App is very much let down by the use of local script in each country. In the region I cycle I need to be able to read Chinese, Thai, Lao, Khmer, and Cyrillic scripts. Thankfully the web browser version offers Google Maps. I feel this is Komoot’s one major failing. Is there any intention to rectify this? Perhaps offer the option of Google Maps on the App.

    1. Tobias says:

      Hi David,
      Thanks for your feedback! We are happy to hear that you like our service. We are aware of the issue with map labels in local scripts. We recently introduced HD Maps to pave the way for future improvements here.

  28. Tim Kerby says:

    Why are you the same price in pounds as you are in Euros? That makes it more expensive in the UK and we don’t currently qualify for the insurance feature. Surely it should be cheaper in the UK as we get less features. Perhaps £40 a year before the existing customer discounts?

    1. Tobias says:

      Hi Tim,
      thanks for your comment. You’re right, the insurance feature is still missing in the UK. We are working hard to offer Premium protection in further countries, soon.

  29. JMacC says:

    Komoot left me on unsurfaced roads, I was travelling in northern Spain, I was using a road bike, and brought me into a field on one occasion and as a result I had to abort the days route and this happened on a few occasions after I had rejoined ‘the route’. This happened on day 3 of a recent tour. It, Komoot, had been great for day1 and 2. Komoot was unreliable, untrustworthy, and as a result I stopped using it. Perhaps my expectations were too high.

    1. Tobias says:

      Hi JMACC,
      I’m very sorry to hear that one of our routes haven’t met your expectations. Can you do us a favor and send us the route to This would help us to further improve the routing quality in Spain.
      Thanks a lot!

  30. arne says:

    is a crash (no one else involved, but not in a race) also covered by the insurance?

    1. Tobias says:

      Hi Arne,
      yes, crashes (not in races) are covered. Please check the details and insured sum on
      Have a nice weekend!

  31. Henry Ashman says:

    Are there any plans to add advanced route planning features like adding notes to waypoints/.GPX cues or removing certain cues? Either as a base feature or a premium one.

    With adjusting cues I’m thinking of things like being able to strip out cue notes when a road changes name. In the UK it’s not uncommon for “Destination Town Road” to change name to “Start Town Road” halfway along, so it can be confusing to have a “continue onto ‘Start Town Road’ ” cue in the middle of nowhere.

    In terms of adding notes specific to your ride like “feed station here”, or when multi-day riding a private stop point like “wild camp spot” or “Fred’s House”, rather than adding new points of interest that benefit the world at large like “water fountain” or “cattle grid”.

    1. Tobias says:

      Hi Henry,
      I’m pretty sure we will further optimize the cues to avoid unnecessary or confusing announcements in the future. As far as I know, we currently don’t have specific plans to add a ‘notes feature’ but I will forward the idea to our product managers.
      Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  32. Girish Manjunath Jadhav says:

    > And if you do decide to upgrade, we’ll shave €30.00 (50%) off the Premium price for your first year, as a thank you for your previous purchase.

    And what if someone cancels their subscription after one year? Will they lose their global maps package?

    1. Tobias says:

      No worries, your komoot Maps bundles are yours forever. If you upgrade and decide to cancel later you will keep them.

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