Introducing Komoot Premium: The New Home of those who Go Further

Komoot Premium is the new one-stop adventure planner for when you don’t want your adventure to end.

That first crunch of gravel as your boot hits the trail, the clicking of your bike gears as you pedal away from your start point. Nothing beats the anticipation of heading down an unknown trail or lane, not knowing what’s waiting for you around the bend. Except for the triumph of reaching the top of a big sweaty climb. Or rising to the challenges that have you in a heap of muddy frustration, then a haze of jubilant happy-dance moves. 

An adventure with all these ingredients? These are the adventures that get us out of bed in the morning. These are the adventures that make us feel alive. The tough ones and the beautiful ones that make us want to keep going further. The ones we never want to end. 

Ever felt like that? Like you don’t want the adventure to end?

We’ve got something special for you: Komoot Premium.

We’ve introduced komoot Premium for those who go further, whether it’s your first ever mountain bike overnighter, a challenging high altitude hiking trail, a multi-day cycling trip to explore a foreign culture, or anything in between. 

Premium is an enhanced package of komoot features you’ll receive on top of the maps and planning tools you already have. It allows you to go further by making every stage of your adventure-planning simpler. From pre-trip prepping to planning your route, organizing your Tours and staying safe in the great outdoors, Premium has you covered. It enables you to live a life full of adventure, even more easily than ever before.

It’s brand new so we know you’ve got questions. Read on to find out what komoot Premium is all about.

What do you get with Premium and how does it help you go further?

Premium offers 6 additional features  — you’ll get access to these on top of all the great komoot features you already benefit from.

Multi-day planner
Easily plan adventures that’ll take anything from two days to multiple weeks. No more planning each segment separately, no more endless spreadsheets and browser tabs. Now you can plot one long Tour and break it up into flexible day-by-day segments depending on the elevation and available accommodation en route. Then it’ll show you what these accommodation options are.
Discover the multi-day tour planner

On-Tour weather
Study the up-to-date weather conditions along every inch of your Tour, so you can pack the right gear, adjust your route if necessary, or mentally prepare yourself for non-ideal conditions.
Discover On-Tour weather

Sport-specific maps
Switch between different maps designed for your sport. The Hiking map overlay displays official trekking routes in the area, along with their difficulty rating.  Ditto for MTB trails and their singletrack scale. Road cycling routes will highlight cycling networks and where they intersect. 
Discover Sport-specific maps

Premium protection
Explore in total confidence with Premium protection, your one-stop insurance shop that’s guaranteed to protect you when things go wrong in the mountains, or out on the trail, far away from service providers. Currently available for adventurers based in Germany and Austria, we’ll unlock this feature in other countries soon.
Discover Premium protection

Personal Collections
Conveniently curate your Tours and Highlights into Collections so you can find your favorite planned and completed Tours more easily.
Discover Personal Collections

Privileged pricing
Before you head out, you need to ensure you’ve got the right gear. We’ve teamed up with partners in 14 countries so you can pay less for over 100,000 products from 900 different brands. 
Discover Premium pricing

Komoot Premium might sound good to you but no doubt there are some other things you want to know…

Are komoot maps still available for a one-time payment?

Yes! Premium is designed for people who are ready to go further, but you might be happy with offline maps and voice navigation, just as they are. Our regions bundles are available at the same price as before. Plus we’ll keep improving and updating our maps regularly, at no additional cost. We know Premium isn’t for everyone so rest assured you’ll still get great value from your current komoot package.

Just need offline maps? Get the ones you want and go

Coming in three different sizes, unlock the maps for the regions you need — and enjoy offline maps and voice navigation only where you need it.

€3,99 up to €29,99 / one-time payment

For those that go further

The best adventures are the ones you don’t want to end. And now they don’t have to. Say hello to Premium.

€59,99 / year

What happens to my Complete Package if I upgrade to Premium?

Already making use of offline, worldwide maps? No problem. Worldwide maps and navigation are already yours forever. You’ll always have access to this feature whether you use Premium or not. And if you do decide to upgrade, we’ll shave €30.00 (50%) off the Premium price for your first year, as a thank you for your previous purchase.
Upgrade now

Will komoot stay great, even if I’m not ready to upgrade yet?

Not ready to go further with Premium? We want to encourage everyone to explore more so we’ll keep improving komoot. We recently updated the komoot for Garmin App, and introduced HD Maps to pave the way for future improvements, so don’t worry. We’ve got your adventurous back, even if you’re not ready to upgrade to Premium.

If you are ready to go further you might still have one question lingering in your mind.

How much will Premium cost me? 

Komoot Premium is a subscription that will cost you €4.99 per month, billed annually. We’ll remind you before it’s time to renew your subscription. If you’ve already paid for the Complete Package, we’ll discount that cost from the annual price of Premium for your first year. 

Sound good? There’s only one thing left to do.

Sign me up!

Ready to go further and take your adventure-planning to the next level? You can sign up for Premium right here. You’ll be asked to provide your payment details, and if your country is eligible for Premium protection, you’ll be prompted to fill in your personal details so your insurance can be set up.