How To Navigate Any Route on Komoot

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To better enable you to save, track and experience any route ever, we’ve changed a few things at komoot. You can now import any GPS file directly into the komoot app, or tap to track any recorded route you come across on komoot—wherever it may take you.

Wherever you draw inspiration for your next outdoor adventure, komoot has your back. Whether you download GPS files from other websites, or want to navigate a route you come across in the news feed, we’ve made it possible to save, plan and navigate every route in just a few taps. Here’s everything you need to know.

Import Any Route Directly into the Komoot App

To import a GPS file (GPX, TXC, FIT), simply head to your profile on komoot and go to your completed/planned Tour list to start the process. Tap on ‘Import’ in the top right-hand corner of the screen to start and select the file you’d like to import. Komoot will then give you the option to import the route as a completed or a planned Tour.

Import as a Planned Tour

If you want to follow your imported route with komoot’s turn-by-turn navigation and offline maps at a later date, just import it as a planned Tour. Komoot will then import your route directly into the planner and allow you to edit, save and ultimately track the route when you are ready.


Adjust Route to Komoot’s Known Network of Ways or Plan Off-Grid Stages

If your imported route deviates from komoot’s known network of ways, you’ll also be given the option to adjust the route accordingly. If you want to stick to the original route you imported, komoot will plan any sections that don’t adhere to komoot’s known network of ways as ‘off-grid’ stages. These will still be trackable with turn-by-turn voice navigation, however, you should bear in mind that your navigation experience might become less reliable as a result. This is due to komoot not being able to match the off-grid stages with particular roads, streets or paths, making it impossible to guarantee the route is passable.


If you’d prefer a more reliable navigation experience, you can choose to match your route to known ways. Komoot will then update the stages of your route that deviate from known ways to match the best alternative roads, streets or paths while making the fewest necessary adjustments to the route. While this might mean that your planned route will not match the original exactly, you should bear in mind that your navigation experience will likely be more reliable as a result.

Import as a Completed Tour

If the route you’re importing is one you’ve already tracked—perhaps using an external device or an alternative route tracker—choose to import the file as a completed Tour to add it to your profile. Once it’s imported, komoot will then allow you to select the sport type and the date you completed it, before allowing you to add photos, Highlights and comments to the Tour. After you’re done, it’ll appear on your profile just like any other adventure you record on komoot.

Navigate Any Route With a Tap

Whenever you find a route on komoot you’d like to navigate yourself, you can now do so with just a couple of taps. Whether it be one of your own completed Tours you want to experience again, or a Tour you liked the look of from the news feed, just tap to start navigating the route immediately, or replan the route to fit your own specifications before you go.

Experience it on your Garmin or Wahoo

As soon as your route is ready, whether it’s one you imported or one you found elsewhere on komoot, you’ll be able to navigate it using your Wahoo or Garmin device. All you’ve go to do is save it to your list of planned Tours to find it on your device.

More info about Garmin
More info about Wahoo


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  1. Nige Passfield says:

    I want to ride a planned route using directions from app.
    Will it record my progress so I can see my time and average speed

  2. Phillips says:

    I planned and saved a route in Komoot but when I try to open it it will not open and there is a lock beside it. Why?

  3. Walter says:

    I like Komoot very much, but I would like it to stick EXACTLY to the gpx route that I import. Whatever I try, Komoot will always make changes! “Stick to original” does not seem to work at all.

  4. José says:

    The import feature is not working correctly here.
    I’m trying to import a GPX route that I created and I choose to stick to the original route but Komoot ignores this and creates waypoints that have the follow the road check mark. This imports a different route than the one I had planned.
    Please have a look.


  5. Sven says:

    Hi, i recently purchased a Wahoo Element Bolt and the fully unlocked mapping experience Komoot offers. Works really great! I have one question though thats not being answered in the FAQ ect:
    – i’m planning an tour in Sweden this summer: so i’ve drawn the route and saved as .GPX
    – i have a seperate GPX file with POI’s along the way. How do i include these POI’s in my drawn route make them visible on the map?

    Thank you!

  6. Murray says:

    If I import a GPX file will Komoot try and track me to known routes or can I set it to just go from waypoint to waypoint?

  7. Buby says:

    Is it possible to continue saved route?

  8. Say hello… Me too I love Komoot, for the run my velo, outside…
    I’m from Québec, Mirabel…
    Sorry for my texts and English, but I practice my language, and, please, your text en French, I is very fabulous for me and the population, in Québec…
    Thank you for this GPS, and thank you and you for all…
    Happy good weekend…

  9. Hello.
    I want to thank Komoot for giving us such an amazing navigation app. I would like to thank on the behalf of my students at college too as it was really helpful for our field trips and picnics. Thank you. Keep making more helpful apps. Stay blessed and thumbs up.

    1. Fiola Foley says:

      thats great to hear! Thank you!

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