Finding nature’s wonders from the Alps to the Ardennes with Yvo

You know you’ve met a passionate adventurer when he has too many favorite Tours to choose from. Yvo in den Bosch is a Belgian hiker who’s recently started trail running too. Despite living in a relatively flat part of the world (or maybe because of it) he is constantly drawn to the mountains. He’s hiked and run in mountains across Europe, from the Pico do Arieiro in Madeira to the Alps. 

When talking about his love for the outdoors, Yvo says: “There’s something deeply humbling, grounding, relaxing, and at the same time, exhilarating about everything nature has to offer.” This passion shines through when he talks about the trips he’s done recently. 

For example, when he says the Alps have a special place in his heart, you know he means it:

There’s just something deeply mesmerizing about the high altitudes, the stunning views across the mountain ranges, peaks and valleys, the wildlife, pristine mountain lakes, and the complete immersion in nature. I will definitely keep returning to the Alps for more adventures!” 

Looking at some of his Tours, like this one in Kleinwalsertal or this one in southern Germany, it’s easy to understand why!

You can also understand why he called the task “mission impossible” when we asked him to recommend his favorite Tour from his komoot profile. In the end, he narrowed it down to three (well, five if you include the Alps Tours above):

Yvo has two adventure partners, his girlfriend, and his dog, but on their climb up Pico do Arieiro, the dog stayed home. They climbed to the peak at 6 am to watch the sunrise, and found themselves admiring the surrounding peaks from above the clouds – an awe-inspiring experience which left Yvo speechless.

Müllertahl in Luxemburg is next on the list: “Luxemburg never ceases to amaze me with its stunning rocky landscapes, its many narrow gorges and caves to discover. The beautiful streams and waterfalls create a surreal and fairytale-like atmosphere. This place has definitely kept me revisiting time and time again.

His final pick is one of his favorite trail running Tours to Altenahr: “The surroundings of Altenahr are one of a kind. I simply love the challenging mountaineering sections taking you to the highest peaks, treating you to the astounding views over the Ahr valley, its picturesque villages, and wineries. Altenahr is always a nice adventure!

While he struggles to choose a single Tour as his favorite, he can recommend one Highlight above all – an ascent in the Ardennes in Belgium: “I love the section along the Ninglinspo river in the Ardennes. It’s a technical, challenging, fun and beautiful ascent taking you over large boulders, across wooden bridges, and past many waterfalls. This was actually my first hike in the Ardennes which got me completely hooked and still captivates me every time I visit.”

When it comes to future adventures, Yvo has his sights set on the endless mountain ranges, high peaks and blue lakes of Norway. Scotland is on the bucket list too, particularly the Isle of Sky. And of course, the Alps are always calling!

Nothing is set in stone yet but it all sounds pretty exciting. Follow Yvo’s adventures on komoot here.  

Pictures © Yvo in den Bosch