Take a child to work day: Family bikepacking in Spain

Lots of the time adults don’t understand each others’ job titles, never mind trying to explain them to children. Luckily for Marc Gasch, working as a photographer means most people have a base level understanding of what he does for a living, including his kids. 

However, while they know what it means to  “take photographs,” showing his family pictures and videos of his work on gravel bikepacking trips drove home the fact that they didn’t really “get” it.

There was a pretty easy fix though: A 3-day XPDTN3 family bikepacking trip in Spain.  

The route followed some of Spain’s Via Verdes (a network of friendly cycling routes) combined with the Camí Natural de l’Ebre path. It started in Teruel and traveled through Tarragona to the Mediterranean Sea at the Delta de l’Ebre, where the Ebro river meets the ocean. 

One of the prerequisites for the trip was that it had to be fun for everyone. As Marc writes, “My two daughters are fit and active but, let’s be honest, not really “training” in any sport other than school basketball, skiing during winter weekends and some jazz dancing.” 

The route delivered on its promise, with plenty of lovely views, nice restaurants, and good hotels en-route. Importantly, it provided very accessible cycling on quiet gravel trails, with slight inclinations here and there. A great introduction to bikepacking for the uninitiated. And his daughters now understand what he does for a living! 

If you’re planning a family bikepacking holiday, or are just getting into it, the original post provides great inspiration with more detail on the route, where they stayed, and what they ate. 

You can read it on the 3T blog here. And if you want to see what Marc’s usual work trips look like, you can visit this post about bikepacking in Colombia.

All photos © Marc Gasch & 3T