Embracing the worldwide MTB family: Interview with komoot Ambassador Steffi Marth

We’ve got a new Ambassador – Steffi Marth, and to welcome her on board we put her in the hot seat to answer our burning questions. Don’t know Steffi? You’re in for a treat.

Born and raised in Germany, Steffi Marth is a mountain biker who cut her teeth on the BMX circuit. She soon graduated to enduro, freeriding, and downhill MTB, picking up a number of championship titles along the way. These days Steffi mixes her racing with MTB adventures around the world. She feels lucky to be able to combine her love for speed and the feeling of freedom riding gives her with the ability to explore the beauty of the outdoor world. 

© Ale Di Lullo

We’re stoked to welcome her to the komoot Ambassador program, where she’ll be sharing her insider knowledge with the community and flying the komoot flag, encouraging more people to get out and explore.

Describe yourself in three words

Active, ambitious, grateful

Flat pedals or clips?

Clips but flat pedals when riding skills courses.

How did you get into mountain biking?

Someone loaned me a bike for a mountain bike race after 10 years of BMX-racing, and I won!

29 or 27,5? (That’s tire size in millimeters in case you’re wondering.)

Mostly 29” but also 27,5 and 26

Gloves or no gloves?

No gloves on the climbs but for sure gloves on the descents.

After ride beer or protein shake?

Beer for sure… protein shakes only after the gym.

What motivates you to get outside and explore?

Life is way too short and good things don’t come from comfort zones.

Tell us about your most epic ride yet.

I went to China for the first time in 2013 and didn’t find much to ride around Beijing. So we went to a calm spot at the Great Wall of China and I was able to ride it on my own at sunset – a memory that still gives me goosebumps.

Looking forward, what plans do you have for the year?

I have so much in my schedule… I’m in New Zealand for the first time right now. Then there are lots of travels planned in Austria and basically in the Alps most of the time. I might go to British Columbia, Canada once again in August (I have been there many times before) and for October I am not sure yet, but maybe a trip to Morocco. I do most big trips with my “sister from another mister”, Canadian rider Micayla Gatto.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in the name of MTB?

I went to Japan without a plan and hoped to get picked up by Japanese [mtb] locals that I have never met before to do a two-week trip. It worked out. The same thing happened in Chile last week. I feel like mountain bikers are just all one big family, it doesn’t matter which country they are from or which language they speak.

Why do you recommend komoot?

Wherever you go and whichever activity you want to do outdoors you can get recommendations on komoot or plan your own route. Also, I love to share my experiences and give people the opportunity to ride the same trails that I did, share the stoke and motivate them to go outside.