Cycling history & exploring new paths with Elena

With a passion for Italian cycling history, Elena is all about finding new trails and exploring unknown areas. She loves to go out on long rides and complete infamous challenges with her friends, no matter whether that’s on a road, gravel or mountain bike. As one of our most active members in the Italian community, we asked her to share some thoughts about what motivates her to go out and ride.

“My motivation is to find new roads, especially if it’s trails. I like to discover where they can take you.”

Whether that’s on a mountain, road or gravel bike – Elena is in as long as it has two wheels.

“I love to explore nature, mainly on my bike. The best is if it’s a mountain bike, but I also enjoy exploring on a road bike or gravel bike. Sometimes I also love to go hiking in the woods.”

Originally from Vicenza, the self-declared dreamer and explorer has lived in the Liguria region, close to Langhe for the last couple of years. Her favorite Highlights relate to cycling history in Italy, and she’s particularly proud of the one in her village.

“I have lots of Highlights but if I have to choose, there are three that I love with all my heart: Il Museo della Bicicletta di Cosseria is in the village where I live. The collection was created thanks to my boyfriend, Jacek’s father – Luciano Berruti. It shows bicycles from different eras, as well as famous riders’ jerseys and stories about their history.

Another Highlight I love is the monument to Luciano Berruti in Gaiole, built for the honorary citizen as L’Eroico n1. Another Highlight is dedicated to Marco Pantani: the climb in Castelvecchio. I have climbed it many times. You can breathe magical air when cycling up the legendary climb of the Pirata.”

As a big fan of road cycling herself, Elena has ridden the L’Eroica gravel ride. She and her friends did the longest route, consisting of two stages with the first day being 62 miles (102 kilometers) long and the second stage covering 53 miles (86 kilometers). The route weaves through the Senesi hills, which Elena loved exploring with her friends.

“I like exploring in a group, especially in places I don’t know. It also motivates me to spend more time on the bike. We motivate each other –if one of us is having a low, the others make jokes to keep spirits high.”

Her biggest adventure, however, was on a mountain bike – the tour of Monte Bianco.

“I did it in five days with my mountain bike. It’s a really hard tour due to the technical trails and climate variations. But I recommend it to everybody. It would also make a great hike – the landscapes there are unique.”

And while the year is slowly coming to an end, Elena isn’t thinking about slowing down.

At the end of the year, I’m planning a holiday in Lanzarote. It’ll involve some hiking, but also some bike adventures, of course.

She’ll be using komoot to explore Highlights and Tours that others have recommended on the island.

What I like about komoot is the opportunity to share Tours and Highlights with others which might inspire them when they are exploring a region they haven’t been before.

I also like that I can plan my Tour directly on my phone. I recommend that anyone plans their tours directly in the mobile app – it’s great to explore an area and to find new routes.

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