Control how you share on komoot with new privacy settings

Komoot is a community designed for you, an adventurer driven to explore more…and better. But as much as you love embarking on the unknown in the outdoors, it’s nice to have some control over who you share your outdoor life with – in the real world and on komoot.  

That’s why we’ve introduced a host of new privacy settings giving you more control of your profile and Tour visibility. Now you have even more control over what you share on komoot, and with whom. 

What you can do with the new privacy settings 

Set your privacy zones

Setting privacy zones around places like your home, work or family member’s house makes these locations private. All Tour start and end points within the zone stay hidden.

Manage your followers

Just like you can choose your friends in real life, komoot enables you to manage your followers by creating a close friends list of the people you know and like best. Share with them and they’ll be the only ones able to see and interact with your Tours and Collections. Plus you can now block followers too. 

Manage your account privacy 

If you want maximum privacy for your komoot profile, you can make your whole account private. Only approved followers will see your profile, Tours and Collections, and be able to comment on your activities. 

Review your account visibility

Control who sees your content 

Want to keep your ride, hike or run to yourself, or only share it with your close friends? Now you can adjust the visibility of each Tour you plan or complete, or Collection you create. You can choose the privacy level for you from these options:

Only you

By default your Tours are private. Nobody can view, like or comment on them in your profile and other komoot users won’t get notifications when you complete private Tours. 

Close friends

Share your Tours with the people on your close friends list.

All followers

If you make your account private, you can choose to share your Tours with your approved followers only.


If your profile is public, setting your individual Tours to public means everyone on komoot will be able to see and interact with them.

Invite people to private Tours

Now you can keep your Tour private from your followers and invite your bestie to it. As part of the privacy overhaul, you can do both! 

Interest piqued? Want the nitty gritty low down? The super handy help guide has more details on each of these features.