A Great New Way to Plan Your Outdoor Adventures

We’re super excited to be able to present our new Tour Planner to you today. Its simple, clear design makes it as easy as ever before to plan your outdoor activities. In the background we’ve installed top-notch technologies to make it all very fast and stable. In short: the new Tour Planner is the most advanced and beautiful thing we’ve ever developed for our website. Wahooo!

Here are just a few of our favorite new features: Plan Tours comfortably with the big map. Edit your Tour simply by dragging and dropping the blue line. You can even click on details and statistics in the planning panel to see the corresponding information in the map.

Bonus: you can now mark places in the map with the blue star for later. This way you’ll easily find them again on your next trip or vacation.

Tourenplaner auf dem iPad

By the way: The new Tour Planner works fabulously on your iPad, too.

GP and Johannes are part of the bright team that created the new Tour Planner. Here’s what they have to say about their baby:

GP, Web Developer:

“From my point of view, we’ve reached Nirvana: we revamped the Tour Planner’s visual style and added in new, top-notch tech.”

Johannes, Back End Developer:

“Route planning used to be super complicated and it took a long time. Now we have a shiny new contraption whose sole responsibility is to guide you to the best spots outdoors. Bingo.”

Sound good? We agree. Try it now and plan your Tour for the Easter holidays.

Try The New Tour Planner