6 Tips For Great Outdoor Photos

Sometimes it’s hard to capture the great impressions of a tour. Some photos just don’t turn out nearly as good as you remember them, are blurry, not straight and somehow trivial. Let’s put an end to that! We put together six tips that will help you shoot great outdoor photos on your Tours.

1. Test different angles

The angle that you take your picture from is essential for the outcome. Take a couple of photos from different perspectives, walk around, climb on a tree or a wall an try taking a photo close from the ground. When you swipe through all the different photos, it’s easy to point out the most exciting angle.

2. Pay attention to the light

As a rule of thumb: Always take your photos with the sun behind or next to you. Photos you take with the sun in front of you will turn out way to bright or dark. The time of day and the weather are also important for the result. Bright sunlight will lead to flat colors and no depth. Avoid taking photos in the midday sun. The best times are during sunrise and sunset and when the sky is partly cloudy.

3. Pick a focal point

Every photo needs a focal point upon which the eye can rest. Without it, a picture can look rather empty. Anything that sticks out of the landscape and catches your eye is a good focal point. This can be a peak, a tree, a building or even a cloud.

4. Remember the rule of thirds

Once you found your focal point, make sure you place it right. Photos feel harmonic, when the focal point is not placed in the center, but in the right or left third of the picture.

5. Note the sky and the foreground

Great landscape photos have a strong sky or foreground. If there are some interesting cloud formations in the sky, it’s worth filling a bigger part of the photo with it. An interesting foreground will lead the eye of the viewer into the photo and creates depth. Also, make sure the horizon is level.

6. Remember to focus

Last but not least – the focus. Nothing is more annoying than to find out that your photo isn’t actually as sharp as when you looked at it during the Tour. You can avoid that by tapping the screen of your smartphone where you want the focus. Or simply turn on landscape mode to have everything in focus.

Let’s go explore and try these tips on your next Tour:

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